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Like all plants, weeds need the right conditions to grow.  Unfortunately, there are less limitations to those ‘right conditions’ for weeds than most plants and grass.  It is important to understand that weed seeds are in virtually every lawn and garden. They can lay dormant for years waiting for a chance to germinate.  Even the most beautiful, well cared for lawns have the potential to sprout weeds.  The best medicine to combat weeds is prevention, before they grow!  Even that isn’t foolproof.  That is why we suggestion our full fertilization program.

We have a 6-step program that includes 8 applications including fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides and pre-emergent – from early Spring right through the Fall. 

You should wait at least a few hours, minimally until the spray has dried.  When possible, it is best to wait about 24 hours after a spray treatment, then the chemicals will have fully absorbed into the plant and soil 

Rain will not hurt the application of a pre-emergent weed control. In fact, it is suggested that watering a lawn following an application will help the activation of the pre-emergent and herbicide.  If there is a heavy downpour, a re-application may be required.  We pay attention to the forecast when scheduling applications.  New England whether however does not always comply with the forecast.  If there is a downpour, just reach out and ask us if a re-application may be necessary.  However, we are probably already aware! 

Not all of the products we use are available in stores to the general public.  Some of the products we use are deemed, ‘for professional use only because of the chemical content, therefore, only a licensed professional may purchase and use them. 

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